Illinois Parole Agent Concealed Carry Permit (IPACC)


As of January 1, 2010, Illinois Department of Corrections Parole Agents and Parole Supervisors are now eligible to apply for a qualification permit to carry a personally owned concealed firearm during off-duty hours. 


The Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board's Policy on Parole Agent & Supervisor Concealed Carry


All parole agents and parole supervisors who want to carry an off duty firearm, pursuant to Public Act 96-0230, shall "be certified as having successfully completing" the mandatory firearms training course conducted by the Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board in order to carry a personal weapon off duty.


Both parole agents and parole supervisors shall re-qualify annually at a range certified by the Board. The initial certification and subsequent annual re-qualification shall be the same training requirements as are required for peace officers under the Peace Officer Firearms Training Act.


Parole agents and parole supervisors who have successfully completed the Board's mandated Firearms Training course and received the Mandatory Firearms Training certificate shall be deemed to have met the initial certification requirement and will not be required to take the 40 hour Mandatory Firearms Training course again.


You may view and print the text of PA 96-0230 here:

Illinois Public Act 96-0230


Application Process


Step 1: Submit the complete application (New or Renewal) to the IROCC office for processing. Our office verifies your employment with the Illinois Department of Corrections.


Step 2: Once your application has been processed you will receive a list of all the upcoming qualification shoots. Choose a location and date and attend the shoot.


Step 3: Your card will be mailed approximately 10 business days after the qualification shoot. The card is valid for twelve months.  Renewal notifications are mailed two months in advance of your expiration date the following year.



New Application

Renewal Application


The parole agent or parole supervisor shall purchase his/her off duty firearm at his/her own expense, and shall register that firearm with the IL Department of State Police and with any other local law enforcement agencies that require such registration.


You are only certified to carry your personally owned weapon registered with the IL Department of State Police. You may not carry your Illinois Department of Corrections State issued firearm while off-duty. Violation will subject you to disciplinary action by Illinois Department of Corrections.


If you are discharged from employment at Illinois Department of Corrections, you shall no longer be considered a law enforcement official, and all your rights as a law enforcement official shall be revoked immediately, including your right to carry a concealed weapon under Public Act 96-0230.


Photo Requirements


Each IPACC participant must submit a photograph to be used on your permit. We do not have access to your driver’s license photo.Your IPACC permit cannot be processed without a photo being submitted.
A physical photo can be submitted with your application, or a digital photo may be emailed to irocc@letac.org. The photo must be color and at least 2x2in in size (standard passport photo).