Learn more about the Illinois Retired Officer Concealed Carry (IROCC) and see the Guidelines for Qualifications of Retired Law Enforcement Officers

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NOTICEThe IROCC office has moved to 500 South 9th St. Springfield IL, 62701.

We believe the new office space will allow for greater expansion to better serve

the needs of retired law enforcement officers for years to come!

Processing applications is taking longer and

we appreciate your patience during this transition!!




Our Online Scheduling system is currently down. Please call the office to schedule.

We will return all messages as promptly as possible when we are able access our phones. 



At this time IROCC not accepting applications from correctional officers from the Department of Corrections,

or deputies and county correctional officers.

Information updates will be posted on the IROCC website as they become available. 


IROCC is a program of the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.  The IROCC office issues firearm qualification cards for two specific entities.


 Qualified Retired Law Enforcement Officers

The primary qualification document issued by the IROCC office is for retired law enforcement officers. This document is issued under Federal H.R. 218 “Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act of 2004,” and improvements, and Illinois Public Act 094-0103.


Illinois Department of Corrections Parole Agents and Supervisors


The IROCC office also issues a document for active duty Illinois parole agents called the Illinois Parole Agent Concealed Carry card, or IPACC.  This permit is issued under Illinois Public Act 096-0230. For information pertaining to the IPACC card please see the specific IPACC page.  It can be found here.